35 Years of Live Music in Des Moines

With the re-launch of the new site right around the corner, I'd been considering a way to contribute not just the re-launch of the site but to celebrate the bands, artists, projects, businesses and people that kept live original music alive and well in Des Moines. The more I thought about it the more I felt that maybe an event was needed. An event that features not only the bands from the past but the present. 

One of the motivating factors behind the creation of this site years ago was to document the bands and people that created, rallied and developed live music in the Des Moines area. The music scene here was not something that came out of vapor but was built on a foundation of passionate and hard working people that had one simple shared goal, to make live music happen here and more importantly to continue. Each generation has benefited on that hard work and expanded it further and it has been my hope that in some way, this site has helped to document that with the great help of those that were there when it was happening. 

Documentation is one thing but I feel that it should be celebrated. A number of years ago at the Rage Reunion, I had the pleasure of joining the group of people that came before me in celebrating the early 1980s scene that started at So's Your Mother and built the frame work for the Hardcore Punk scene that I came into a few years later.  It was amazing to not only interact with some of those that were involved before me but to see two great examples of what that period had produced. The thing that I took out of it more than anything was that it was a celebration of a time period that was very important to the scene that I continued to enjoy today and the connection those bands and those people have to it.

So, with the re-launch around the corner it got me thinking that maybe the time has come to create a night that celebrates that connection. I'm posting this blog as kind of a feeler to see if there is any interest at all in an event of this type or not. The hardest part is knowing if there are any bands from the past that are even remotely interested in doing a reunion in the first place. As i envision it there should be representation of all musical styles from each important period and should include current bands. Scenes and periods that should be represented would be:

  • The late 70s and early 80s scene that revolved around So's Your Mothers and the Forest Ave area. 
  • The DIY Hardcore Punk and Alternative Scene from the Mid to Late 80s.
  • The early 1990s Alternative scene that revolved around Hairy Mary's
  • The early 1990s Metal scene that revolved around the Runway
  • The mid to late 1990s scene that revolved around Safari and the second Hairy Mary's
  • The DIY Hardcore, Punk, Ska, etc.. scene that revolved around Clubs, Hall Shows and the Fallout Shelter.
  • The Metal scene that revolved around House of Bricks.
  • Bands that represent the current Des Moines Music scene.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some group of people and bands but the idea would be to trace the progression of live music in Des Moines, celebrate it and expose those that for some reason missed out. I don't know if this should be a one night thing or something over a couple of different nights. Also I don't know if maybe a exhibit of flyers and other media would be important.

At this point, my time is limited and to be completely honest I'm unsure if there is any interest in something like this at all or bands from the past willing to do a one night reunion. What I'm looking for is other's input. If you think this is something that you would like to see happen, would want to play or would like to get involved with, please e-mail me at davoaxiom@gmail.com.

Fri, 02/27/2015 - 19:30

2 more in the middle

Sym= laughing iguana
The hydrant in between those 2 on the time line and located on the corner of 30th, I think, and university
And I don't know if you want to count it but the poor unitarian church that was defiled multiple times. Lol

Sat, 03/28/2015 - 01:44

The Hydrant is listed here.

The Hydrant is listed here. Yes it was located on the corner of 30th and University and is now the middle of 30th st. If have anything to add about the listing go there and click on the "edit" tab.