35 Years of Live Music Series

As I mentioned in the update 35 Years of Live Music, The Underground Archives are promoting a series of shows to celebrate the re-launch of the site but more importantly a celebration of over 35 Years of Live Music in Des Moines. The idea is to get a few bands from each of the last 3 decades and a few current ones and place them on one show. Since then I've put out feelers and had some great responses and to move forward to pick a venue and put some holds on some dates.

At this point I'm still trying to figure out line ups and how to group each. So, this isn't itched in stone. I've decided that instead of trying to get everyone that is interested in playing one show, to draw it out over a four month period and divide up into loosely define styles of Punk/Hardcore, Metal, Alternative/Indy and Roots/Jam. Like most shows, there maybe some mixing of styles. The key is that each day will have two shows featuring between 6 to 8 bands total. The first an all ages 5pm to 9pm and then a 21 and over show from 10 pm to 2am because I know that not everyone can make it to an early show. The venue that I picked is Lefty's. This is not only because the room has a long history of housing Safari Nite Club and Hairy Mary's but the goals of those involved with the venue, quality of the sound system and the capacity fits well into my goals.

The Dates that are currently on hold are June 12th, July 10th, August 28th and September 18th. At this point, I'm interested in hearing from anyone that is interested in play, Since reunions may rely more on a set date, I will be focusing on them first. Once that is set, I'm interested in those that have been playing for years and those bands that are just starting out. The idea is to have musicians and fans of all age ranges in one room celebrating both what happened years ago but also what is happening right now. 

Update - Currently the Hollowmen Reunion show is August 22nd with Squidboy, North of Grand and Easy Fruit. 21 and over $8. At Lefty's 2307 University Ave Des Moines, Iowa

The future shows will be a metal showcase in September, Synth showcase in October and then a Hardcore and Punk showcase around Thanksgiving.

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