Copyright Policies

The following is a basic overview of the site's policies on Copyright. 

  • Uses of material, files and content for projects that are for profit:

Since most of the material provide on the site comes from it's user's knowledge, it is our policy if you wish to use any material contained on the site for a for profit project, that you get written permission from both the site's owner and those that submitted the information you will be using. This includes any and all forms of content. As the footer states the content is owned and copyrighted by the site, the site owner and  the author of the content. Content is defined as text documents. All media files such as video, audio and images files are posted or embedded here under the doctrine of fair use and the ownership of copyright of such files is the original creature of that file. 

  • Posting of copyrighted material to the site:

Whenever possible, we request that you get the permission of the owners of the copyright to post the file or material to the site. However often this isn't possible. Since the site goal is non-profit education and a journalistic project, posting copyrighted material is covered under doctrine of Fair Use. Meaning limited uses of copyrighted material for the purpose of education is legal and does not decrease the value of the copyrighted material. This is why MP3 files are only posted for streaming and can not be downloaded from the site.

  • Trading and distributing of copyrighted material:

It is prohibited to use this site to trade or distribute copywrited material. Those who attempt to uses the site as a per to per file sharing site will be banned from membership.

  • Getting copies of media files:

Since some of the files on this site are rare, out of print or have never been released in digital form, chances are the audio files came straight from the owner of the copyright and if you want that material I would suggest contacting them directly. In the past there has been discussion of creating a MP3 store or releasing compilations of the bands on the site but at this point, it's only been talk. So, your best bet is trying to contact the artist. If you need help contacting them, feel free to send DaVo an e-mail at

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