Creating Content Tutorial

A few things have changed with the new version of the Archive. One of the biggest being the way you add listings to the site and a more limited content types. Unlink in the past where there were a number of different content for each type of project, the new version only has one type. In the past placing the listings in the correct "Book" using the correct content type was important to make sure the content ended up in the right place. Now that navigation, structure and cataloging is handled by Taxonomy terms there is no need to have so many different content types or to make sure that you are posting to the correct book. Content can be added from any page now and with the correct terms choose, the content will end up just where it needs to be.

Types of content that members can post:


  • Project Listings - This is any type of project including bands, venues, fanzines, magazines, businesses, radio stations, hang out, art projects, etc... that were part of underground culture. 
  • Contributors - This is an individual that contributed to a project that is listed in the archives. You can then link the projects they were involved with and on the project's listings link those that contributed to the project. Also you can assign the role they played, their location and personal information.
  • Releases or Events - This is any releases that a project created or events that the project was involved in. Use this content type to add recorded material, issues, radio shows, episodes, etc... Then you can link the project that created it and on the project's listing link the releases and events.
  • Interviews - Any member can interview anyone they wish and then add it to the archives. 
  • Blog - If you wish to add a review or a blog you can do so. This can be helpful if you have a number of projects that you would like to add and just don't have the time. 
  • Forums - Any member can post to the forums by adding a new topic or replying to a topic. 
Help Term: