Inclusion Policies

Since one of the goals of the site is to gather as much documentation and prospective as possible, pretty much anything can be added. The type of listings that can be added are and some of the guidelines are listed below. Whenever in doubt e-mail DaVo at

  1. Contributor Listing - This is personal listings for Contributors that were involved in a Project of some kind. A Contributor should be attracted to project listing. These listings are more of a personal profile for that person. If the person is an individual artist for example a Painter or Sculptor then they should be listed in the archives as a Fine Arts listings.
  2. Band Listing - This type of listing is the back bone of the archives. This is open to any band that at least played a show or released recorded material. Also they should have written ordinal material. There are a few garage bands and cover bands that are listed in the archives but most had some lasting effect on the local sub-culture or the members went on to form other bands. Also even the worst cover band has a few songs of their own. Tribute bands on the other hand shouldn't be included. Uses your own judgment and think about weather the band effected the scene at large.
  3. Blog entry - Members can write a blog if they wish. It can also be added to the archives if you wish. For example if you are writing a show review you can place it in the archives as a child to the band's listing. 
  4. Business Listing - This type of listing is for businesses or hang outs that were important to the local subcultures that wasn't a venue. This can include everything from a local bar or record shop to a park or area of the city that important to the sub-culture. For example, in Des Moines this includes Vinyl Fetish(a record store), the Greenwood(a local bar) and Nollen Plaza(a park in downtown Des Moines that was a hangout for the 80s punk scene).
  5. Gallery - Is now only included in listings themselves.
  6. Important Events - This type of listing is for important shows and events that effected the scene. This is not every show that happened in a local scene but the important ones that effected the future of that scene.
  7. Interviews - Any member can conduct an interview and add it to the archives. This is an interview that the person posting it conducted or one that owns the copyright on the interview. In other words, do not post transcribe an interview from Time Magazine and post it to the archives without written permission from Time Magazine. 
  8. Media Listing - This is for any project that produced and/or published print or recorded media. This would include Projects that involved audio, records, CDs, print, radio, television or film. For example, Labels, Fanzines, Public Access Shows, Radio Show, Web Sites or Documentaries.
  9. Promoter / Talent Buyer Listings - This is for listings for those persons or businesses that simply put, put on shows. Doesn't matter if they put on a show in their basement or promoted national acts at a large venues. Even though Talent Buyers were employees of venues, they often were what made the venue important, so they should be added here with their own listing.
  10. Scene Memories - Have a story about a scene or sub-culture that you were involved with? Share it here. There is no really requirements for this type of listing.
  11. Venues  - This can be anything from someone's basement to a 25,000 seat venue.
Inclusion Policies
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Inclusion Policies
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