Welcome to the support section of the Underground Archives. Here you will find information and Tutorials on how to post and edit listings in the archives. Also the often helpful F.A.Q. 

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Text Editor

A lot of the listings involve a number of text fields with a special text editor that allows you to adjust and display the text in different ways. The great thing about this is you can display text in a number of different ways without having to enter codes.

Creating or editing a new Project Listing

The heart of the site is the project listings. Unlink the past where each type of project had it's own content type, now there is only one to post all the type of projects. Below is a basic step by step guide to adding or editing a listing. If you are unsure if your listing can be added to the Archives, please read Inclusion Policies to determine if the listing can be added.

Creating Content Tutorial

A few things have changed with the new version of the Archive. One of the biggest being the way you add listings to the site and a more limited content types. Unlink in the past where there were a number of different content for each type of project, the new version only has one type. In the past placing the listings in the correct "Book" using the correct content type was important to make sure the content ended up in the right place.

Creating & Editing a Project Listing

Project listings are the back bone of the Archives. Project listings can be bands, businesses, hang outs, radio stations, venues, fanzines, fine art projects, etc... Just about anything that contributed to the underground culture in the area. I have always left that up to those that contributor to the archives. If it is was important to you, then it should be included.

To edit an existing listings, just click on the "Edit" tab when you are signed in.

Creating & Editing a Contributor Listing

Contributor listings are the individuals that contributed to the projects and other listings that are in the Archives. This is a page that is designed to collect information about that individual and also link to Projects and Other listings that they contributed to. It is best to create and save the project or projects that they contributed to and then add the contributor's listings. 

Creating & Editing Your Account

The Archives currently has over 3000 listings combined and that is because of people just like you. You decide to do a search for some old band you used to see or a place you and your friends hung out. Before you know not only have you found information but you've spent a couple of hours exploring the site. Before long you notice something is missing or something is not correctly or completely documented. So, now you are wondering how to take the fire in you belly, head swarming with facts, computer full of unseen images and transform that into new and updated listings in the Archives?

Referencing Other Content

On Project Listings, Contributor Listings and the Release and Events listings other listings are referenced. This allows the listings to be connected to other releated content. There is a number of ways that the content will then display either as a simple link or as a teaser with a photo and title.

Connection that are referenced in the Archives:

Content Creation
Creating Projects
Inclusion Policies
Refereencing Content
Text Editor
Uploading Files