Referencing Other Content

On Project Listings, Contributor Listings and the Release and Events listings other listings are referenced. This allows the listings to be connected to other releated content. There is a number of ways that the content will then display either as a simple link or as a teaser with a photo and title.

Connection that are referenced in the Archives:

  • Contributors to Projects, Release and Events and Member Profiles
  • Projects to Contributors, Other Projects, Member Profiles and Releases and Events.
  • Release and Events to Contributors and Projects.
  • Memembers Profile to Contributor

Below I'm going to cover some of the basic of referencing other content but always remember that content can not be referenced unless it exists. For example, if you are adding a project listing to the archives. You will need to save that project listing to reference it in the contributors listings. The same goes for adding the contributors or releases to a project page, they can not be added until they are created and posted to the site.