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After nearly 15 weeks of work, freak outs, head banging against walls, unwanted surprises, trying to squeeze square pegs into round wholes, complete failures and a lot of rediscovering and discovering bands, venues, fanzines, radio shows, record labels, businesses and people that have made through their creativity the Midwest a wonderful place to call Home,The site is live. It's alive!!!
At this point all of the content from the old site has be migrated into the new site. The members have all been added and all the navigation structure has been created. At this point, you are free to view the site, join, edit and add listings. I'm proud to say that there are currently over 3000 pieces of content in the archives and 822 project listings. It's pretty wild to think that this started with about 20 listings that I posted on a simple HTML site years ago. A number of people through the years have added long forgot projects that effected the world we know today in way we may never know. I must thank all those that contributed over the years.
Due to a need to create content for testing, I've placed a number of placeholder listings that may only have a name and location. Some of them are famous big huge important bands and I encourage you that if you are a fan of the band, to join and add to the listing. Most of these are located in the states that the archive hasn't ventured into in the past. Like Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas and North and South Dakota. I'm hoping that it was spark an additional expansion of the archives and some day to be able to fulill the dream of documenting all of the Underground world wide into one place.
Some of you might be wondering, "What next?" Well, over the next week I will be focusing on writing the support documents and tutorials. You all can help out by testing the site and e-mailing  or messaging me with issues and ways that the user interface could be adjusted to make it easier to contribute to and browse the archives. Your input will be helpful in making the experience not only more enjoyable but with creating the support documents.
Also, I will be focusing on the Launch show or shows to celebrate the last 35 years or so of live music in Des Moines. My hopes is to begin leaking details within the next few weeks and if anyone has any input on what they would like to see or if your band would like to play, contact me. If this goes well, it might be something I will maybe yearly or in different cities in the future. 
One thing I need to mention is that at this point the site is completely running at a loss to the tune of around $200 or more a year not including labor. For the site to expand further it will need to be moved onto a VPs hosting plan. Almost monthly I get warnings from my hosting service that we are exceeding the CPU limits. That will require an increase of as much as triple what I'm paying now. So, that means that I need to have the site generate income. As always donations are excepted through paypal using the links in the Navigation bar at the top. However, I'm considering opening the site to allow businesses and individuals to sponsor the listings of their choice. If you are interested, please contact me or keep on the outlook for an anouncement in the future.
Tell, then enjoy the site and keep up the contributions, without you, the Archives would not be what it is.
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